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Senior Pet Care

As pets grow older, their health care needs change. Aging pets are more prone to health problems, which is why they require more monitoring and testing. You can trust Oakdale Animal Hospital to provide your pet with the senior pet care that it needs. 

Senior Pet Care

Pet Dental Care 

Older pets are at higher risk for dental disease. Pets should be monitored closely for issues like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis 
  • Tartar buildup
  • Shrinking or bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth

When pets are experiencing dental disease or pain, it can be difficult for them to chew or eat. Dental problems can also put pets at risk for infection. Your senior pet should receive regular dental checkups from its veterinarian to prevent problems and keep its teeth in good shape. 

Pet Surgery

As pets age, their joints and hips may degenerate. In addition, older pets are less steady on their feet, which put them at increased risk for broken bones. 

While some pet owners believe that older pets aren't good candidates for surgery, that isn't always the case. For some senior pets, surgery could treat health issues and improve their quality of life. It's best to schedule a veterinary visit so that the health status of your pet can be assessed. 

Spay and Neuter Senior Pets

Spaying and neutering are normally done when pets are young, but it can be beneficial for older pets as well. Although spaying and neutering pets help to keep the animal population under control, it also has health benefits. It can reduce the risk of infection and some cancers. 

Older dogs that are spayed and neutered usually experience very few side effects, and they see lasting benefits. If you have a senior pet that didn't go through this procedure when they were younger, talk to your vet and see if they recommend an elective procedure. 

Symptoms to Watch For

Pay close attention to your elderly pet and bring up concerning symptoms with your veterinarian. Watch out for symptoms like:

  • Weight changes 
  • Changes in activity level 
  • New lumps or bumps 
  • Mouth discharge or odor
  • Increases and decreases in appetite
  • Perceived weakness, pain, or discomfort  

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in the Jackson Metro Area

If you have an older pet, and you're in the Jackson Metro Area, Oakdale Animal Hospital can help you keep your pet healthy for as long as possible. Call us at (601) 829-9949 or request an appointment online if your senior pet needs expert care.



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