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Preventative and Wellness Care

Preventative Care for Brandon and Flowood Pets

Preventative wellness strategies can help you protect your faithful friend against a wide range of serious, yet avoidable, diseases and disorders. All you have to do is bring your Brandon or Flowood pet to Oakdale Animal Hospital, where we provide many kinds of preventative care procedures.

Preventative Care for Brandon and Flowood Pets

Our Veterinarian Can Safeguard Your Pet Against Illness

Your pet, like every other animal, has all kinds of built-in protective measures and systems to ward off illnesses and optimize his health. Unfortunately, these systems aren't always prepared to handle certain common, pervasive threats. For instance, your pet's immune system knows how to fight only those germs that it already recognizes as an enemy, which is why preventative vaccinations to "educate" the body are so essential. Immune responses to the bacteria on gum surfaces can actually do more harm than good by destroying gum tissue, a problem known a periodontal disease.

Pets are also vulnerable to internal and external parasites, degenerative pain conditions, and the many systemic ailments encouraged by obesity. All of these issues can be prevented or minimized through preventative care from our veterinarian.

From Pet Exam Services to Parasite Control: Wellness Strategies

The annual pet exam is crucial to any wellness program. Our veterinarian will study your pet's external features, record his weight and vital signs, and run lab tests on blood, urine, and fecal samples to look for any signs of internal problems. Treating these problems right away can keep them from turning into major health nightmares later. We may also administer helpful preventative measures such as:

  • Pet dental exams and teeth cleaning - Our pet dental checkups can catch tooth, gum, or oral health issues in their early stages. Regular teeth cleaning gives bacteria less tartar to feed on, reducing the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Vaccinations and microchipping - Vaccination shots boost your pet's immunity to a variety of deadly germs. Microchipping shots equip pets with a permanent form of ID in case they get lost.
  • Pest and parasite control - We can prescribe regular medications for pest and parasite control.

Schedule a Preventative Pet Exam at Oakdale Animal Hospital

Oakdale animal Hospital can help pets in Brandon and Flowood enjoy better health for life. Give your pet this priceless gift, starting today. Call to schedule a preventative pet exam or other wellness services!


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