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Importance of Vaccinations

Your pets are part of your family and they depend on you for love and care. This is why you need to get your pets vaccinated regularly to ensure that they are healthy. Your local veterinarian here at Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon and Flowood, MS, has everything that you need in order to give your pets the vaccinations that they need to stay healthy and strong. However, it is important that you put your pets on a regular schedule so that they can get the care they need whenever it matters most. Let's take a closer look at vaccinations and why your pets need them to live a healthy life.


Why Are Vaccinations So Important?

Vaccinations are critical for a puppy or a kitten to build a strong immune system. When your puppy or kitten is born, they oftentimes do not have the immune system that they need to fend off deadly diseases such as parvo or distemper. Coming into contact with another animal that is carrying these diseases can infect your pet, leading to potentially fatal complications. This is why you need to get your puppy or kitten their booster shots so that they can have a strong immune system in the event that they come into contact with these deadly diseases.

However, older animals also need their vaccinations as well. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend a regular vaccination schedule for your dog or cat in order to ensure that they have their latest vaccines in order to stay strong. Your animal hospital here in Flowood recommends that you speak with your veterinarian regularly to find out what vaccines your dog or cat needs. This is a great way to get them the checkup they need to find out whatever ailments that they may have and correct them so that they can start living a healthy life once again. 

Let us Help Your Pet

Every pet owner is committed to taking care of their animal for life. This is why it’s important to partner with an animal hospital that can be trusted in order to get your pets the treatment that they deserve. Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon and Flowood, MS, invites you to join our family so that your dogs and cats can receive the vaccines that they need to fight off foreign viruses and diseases. We want nothing more than to see your animal live a long and healthy life and can help you accomplish this with our expert veterinarian care. Give us a call today at  to schedule your appointment with us. We will be more than happy to assist your pet with whatever they need. 


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