How We Perform Surgery at the Oakdale Animal Hospital

It is important for pet owners to find a reliable healthcare provider for their furry friends and that is exactly what everyone gets when they come to visit the Oakdale Animal Hospital. We take so much pride in the services we provide our patients. We understand that it can be extremely stressful for loved ones when they discover their pet’s condition will require surgery. For this reason, we took the time to explain the step by step process of surgery. We are here to make sure that pet owners in Brandon and Flowood have access to a trained veterinarian surgeon. 

Why Does My Pet Need Surgery?

There are a numerous reasons why your pet might require surgery. Your pet could have a broken bone or tore a ligament following an accident. In this situation, your pet might require surgery to reset the born or replace the ligament with a healthy one. In other cases, your pet might have a tumor that needs to be removed. During the procedure, we may perform a biopsy to determine whether the tumor is cancerous or not. In certain cases, pets may even need surgery to remove a foreign body that might be present. If this object will not pass through the digestive tract, it needs to be removed in a surgical manner instead.

How Do You Perform Surgery?

We want to make sure that all of our families are clear on what is going to happen on the day of the operation. First, the pet is going to be taken to the operating room. Then, the animal will be put to sleep using anesthesia. Anesthesia is highly significant in keeping the pet still and for minimizing any discomfort that might take place during the surgery. The veterinarian surgeon will perform the necessary surgery with great care and precision. After the procedure is completed, the pet will be taken to the recovery area to wake up in a comfortable setting. You may have to bring the pet back for follow-up visits depending on the veterinarian surgeon’s request.

Rely on the Team at the Oakdale Animal Hospital

We know that it is never easy to hear that your pet is going to require surgery; however, you can trust us to take good care of your pet. At the Oakdale Animal Hospital, we take the time to read up on the latest tools and techniques. We believe in investing in the most advanced equipment because we know this will improve the care we provide to our loyal patients in Brandon and Flowood. To learn more about our services and about how we can help you, please call us today at to schedule an appointment.

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