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Soft Tissue Surgery

How Oakdale Animal Hospital Can Assist Brandon and Flowood Residents

When your cat or dog requires a trip to the animal hospital, a wide range of emotions can come to the forefront. Brandon and Flowood residents who are looking for the best veterinary care to assist their cat or dog can definitely relate. This is especially true if you are searching for a veterinarian to perform a surgical procedure on your pet. 


Providing Soft Tissue Surgery

A cat or a dog that is experiencing medical issues that cannot be handled with conventional treatment may benefit immensely from soft tissue surgery. We understand the level of stress that pet owners experience in these situations. That's why we aim to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve when you bring your furry friend to visit our team of experts.

A wide range of ailments can be treated with soft tissue surgery. If you have any questions about potential surgical options and how they can benefit your pet, one of our veterinarians is always happy to provide guidance. We understand that this is not a decision that is ever going to be taken lightly by a loving pet owner. Each step of the surgical procedure is explained prior to surgery.

Conditions Treated by Soft Tissue Surgery

There are several reasons for a pet to require soft tissue surgery. A pet may need surgery if they are experiencing ligament damage or require broken bone repair. Broken bones and torn ligaments are common medical issues that are treated at Oakdale Animal Hospital.

In some instances, a pet may require soft tissue surgery to address a tumor that is causing him or her a great deal of discomfort. A biopsy is also performed so that our team of experts can find out more about the tumor. One of the first things we will determine is to examine if the tumor is cancerous or benign. This is key information and we work tirelessly to make sure that your pet's needs are met.

In some cases, the pet may have ingested a foreign body that is causing him or her a sizable amount of discomfort. When these objects are unable to make their way through the digestive tract, surgical procedures are necessary to provide the pet with the relief they need.

Local Surgical Veterinary Care

If you have any questions about these surgical procedures or how they can assist your pet, call us today at to schedule an appointment. Our team of veterinarians is on hand and ready to provide your furry friend with the help they need.


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