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Pet Ultrasound

At Oakwood Animal Hospital serving Brandon and Flowood, we can get detailed information about your pet's soft tissues and internal organs through a pet ultrasound scan. This is much quicker, safer, and more effective than exploratory surgery. We can also perform targeted imaging, looking where we need to while your pet is free to move around a bit, rather than under the motion restrictions of x-ray exams. It's a win-win technology that we're glad to offer for you and your pet when the need for it arises.


Pet Ultrasound Technology Makes Our Animal Hospital Work More Effective

Pet ultrasound exams help us to identify conditions involving internal organs, the digestive system, and other areas. Whether we're checking for bowel obstruction or evaluating a possible tumor, we can see what's going on inside of your pet’s body. Pet ultrasound also allows us to assess changes in your pet’s body between visits to evaluate treatment success. Unlike static x-ray imaging that provides a single perspective, we can move the ultrasound probe over your pet's body to create a 3D image of your pet's anatomy. This can be especially helpful in viewing the heart, kidneys, and other organs where fast, accurate treatment decisions make a big difference.

Painless and Low-Stress Visualization of Critical Diagnostic Information

To your pet, the feeling of our veterinarian moving the ultrasound probe over their body isn't much different from being pet. If your pet is anxious, we may use a mild sedative to relax them. We carefully use ultrasonic sound waves reflected from internal organs to create a picture of not only internal structures but motions such as heartbeats and breathing. We can also examine the urinary tract for enlargement, explore kidneys for signs of damage, and perform triage to provide the best care. We can also take a look in your pet's womb during pregnancy and often locate the heartbeats of the developing young, anticipating their arrival.

New Pet and Ongoing Veterinarian Care for Your Furry Friends

Pet ultrasound imaging is one of many ways that we make sure your pet's visits to our clinic are as low-stress and productive as possible. Our animal hospital serves Brandon, Flowood, and the surrounding communities. For more information on our pet ultrasound services, our veterinary care, or to schedule an appointment, call us at .


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