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Pet Allergies

Pet Allergy Treatment at Oakdale Animal Hospital

An important part of pet care is identifying when your cat or dog is suffering from uncomfortable itching, infections, and gastrointestinal issues. Like humans, animals can experience allergic reactions when its immune systems react to materials such as pollen, dust, specific food proteins, or insect bites. If your pet is experiencing an allergy, visit Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon, MS, for an evaluation and treatment that will alleviate the discomfort and help him or her stay healthy. 

pet allergies

Excessive Sneezing

While an occasional sneeze is normal for pets, an increase in frequency or severity may indicate an allergic reaction. Changes in detergents, scents, and environmental factors can be causing the reaction in your pet. If the sneezing persists, it we recommend consulting our veterinarians for an assessment and prompt treatment.

Symptoms of Inhalant Allergies

Transdermal or inhalant allergies, also known as atopy, are caused when the immune system overreacts to topical allergens like pollens, dust, and mold. This type of allergy is similar to hay fever or asthma in humans. Pets with atopy may experience seasonal itching and exhibit behaviors such as rubbing, licking, chewing, biting, or scratching specific body parts. Chronic ear inflammation or infection may be the only symptom in some cases. Our vets can help you identify the severity of your condition and provide your furry friend with relief.

Identifying Food Allergies

Food allergies occur when the immune system produces antibodies against specific components in foods, typically proteins, which leads to itching or recurrent skin and ear infections. Identifying the problematic ingredient often requires food trials and can be eliminated by avoiding the allergen and adopting a properly balanced diet. Common allergens can include dairy, beef, lamb, venison, and wheat.

Treating Hot Spots

Hot spots, also known as pyotraumatic dermatitis or acute moist dermatitis, are small, red, swollen, and moist areas on your pet's skin. These hot spots are typically itchy, uncomfortable, and veterinary assistance is necessary. While allergies can be a factor, parasites and infections can also be causing the hot spots. 

Identifying Pet Allergies with a Veterinarian

When your visit us, our vets will identify what is causing your pet's discomfort. We will also provide guidance on how to care for your cat or dog when they have an allergy and how the allergies can be avoided completely.

Contact us for Treatment Today

At Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon, MS, we provide quality care to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Our team offers comprehensive treatment for pet allergies, which can reduce the discomfort and improve its quality of life. To learn about our treatments or schedule an appointment, call our office at (601) 829-9949 today. 


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