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Preventing and treating dental disease improves both the quality and length of your pet's life. However, dental care is frequently overlooked, making dental disease the most common disease that we see in pets. It is one of the most common causes of heart disease in companion animals, and it is the cause of many other systemic problems. Dental disease is often very painful and should never be ignored if you suspect your pet may be suffering from it.

Periodontal disease is caused by bacterial plaque and tartar located at and below the gum line and extending down the tooth root. This progresses to an infection that begins to destroy the tooth roots and the ligaments that hold the teeth in place. As these teeth die, infection can spread deeper into the jawbone. This infection can also cause damage to organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver due to the spread of bacteria through the bloodstream.

At Oakdale Animal Hospital, we offer routine dental evaluations, routine dental cleaning, advanced dental radiography, and many other advanced dental procedures designed to eliminate chronic dental problems. Call today at (601) 829-9949 to schedule your pet's appointment!

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