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At Oakdale Animal Hospital, we understand that the needs of your pet are unique, and we are here to help. As a trusted veterinary clinic in the Brandon community, we provide a range of services to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. While we would all love our pets to be healthy and safe forever, certain conditions may affect their quality of life. Luckily, we treat a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and more, to ensure your pet achieves optimal health and wellness.

Pet Illness

Your pet can get sick from anything, from contracting an infection to ingesting something it shouldn't have. You might not even know there's something wrong until it starts acting lethargic or vomiting. If you notice a change in your pet's behavior, diet, bowel movements, or any other unusual symptoms, it's crucial to take them to see a veterinarian to rule out any serious conditions.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options to identify the underlying problem and prevent it from happening again. While there are numerous illnesses that could affect your pet, some common ones include food poisoning, breathing problems, parasitic infections, or lung infections. Once we've identified the problem, we can recommend medications, lifestyle changes, and other treatment options.

Pet Allergies

Pets are susceptible to allergies, just like humans. Common allergens for pets include food allergies, environmental factors, and insect bites, such as from bees, wasps, or spiders. We offer pet allergy treatment services, including diagnosis and management plans, to stop your pet's allergies from affecting their daily life.

Dental Problems

Oral health is critical for your pet's overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, pets can't tell you when they have a toothache, so it's crucial to monitor their oral health. Pets of all ages, especially older ones, are susceptible to dental diseases, such as tooth decay, tartar buildup, gingivitis, shrinking or bleeding gums, and loose teeth. With regular dental checkups, we can prevent dental problems before they start and keep your pet's teeth healthy.

Pain Management

Pain is a common symptom of many conditions, and managing it is crucial for your pet's comfort and wellbeing. Skin infections, recovering from an illness, or injury can cause pain and discomfort. Part of your pet's treatment plan will include managing pain related to any underlying issues.

Age-Related Conditions

As your pet ages, it is likely to develop joint and hip issues, dental problems, and other health concerns. You may notice your pet slowing down or becoming irritable, which could be a sign of pain or discomfort.

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