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Give Your Pet A Well-Deserve Break With Doggie Daycare Or Cat Boarding Vacations

Leaving home is never easy, and it becomes even more difficult when you need to find a place for your best friend to stay. Oakdale Animal Hospital is here to help by providing residents in the Brandon and Flowood areas of Mississippi with quality pet boarding. Whether you are looking for a doggie daycare or a more extensive vacation retreat, we have you covered. Our skilled staff can provide your cat or dog with affection, attention, and care that he or she deserves. 





Doggie Daycare Keeps Canines Active

When you are gone all day, your canine deserves to play and run around. Our doggie daycare services bring the fun to your animal. Whether your puppy becomes depressed when left alone or your senior pal suffers from anxiety, our staff provides regular check-ins and lots of one-on-one attention. An added benefit is that you no longer have to feel guilty when a meeting runs long or a lunch break needs to be skipped. Your pet will remain in capable hands all day.

Cat Boarding Keep Felines Secure

Cats love the comfort of familiar surroundings. Our cat boarding services provide top-notch kennels to keep your feline comfortable for naps and overnights. We routinely check in on all boarded animals and will play with your pet throughout the day for exercise and emotional support in your absence. Our staff members are also only mere steps away, meaning you don't need to worry about your cat if a medical event occurs. 

Dog Boarding Is a Vacation for Your Four-Legged Friend

When you go on vacation, give your pet a treat, too, with a quality dog boarding experience. We will treat your dog as our own best friend in your absence. We provide regular outdoor playtimes, and we do everything we can to accommodate your companion while you are away. 

Our Feeding Policy

We feed Purina EN sensitive stomach dog food and Science Diet indoor formula cat food for pets boarding that do not require a special diet. There is no additional charge to feed your pet the food we have, however, we do recommend bringing your pets food if there is a food allergy or if your pet is prone to gastrointestinal upset when new food is introduced.

Learn More about Our Services by Calling Us Today

Pet boarding can be scary, particularly when you and your dog or cat are facing a first-time separation. Our professional staff at Oakdale Animal Hospital, serving Brandon, Flowood, and the surrounding area, is here to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. Call (601) 829-9949 to learn more about services before your next pleasure trip or business vacation.


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