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Blood Transfusions at Oakdale Animal Hospital

Oakdale Animal Hospital can provide a wide range of veterinary services for your pet, including emergency and surgical services. For example, in some instances, if there's a surgery scheduled or an emergency, your pet may require a blood transfusion. In that case, we can provide him or her with the necessary transfusion services on-site. 


Why Your Pet Needs a Blood Transfusion

You may wonder why a pet needs a blood transfusion? The reason usually stems from a condition called anemia which can result after an accident or an illness. Some other instances where this procedure may become necessary include:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Toxicity
  • Trauma

If your pet needs a blood transfusion, you can feel confident that our highly trained veterinarians and hospital staff can provide this service and ensure your pet's best possible outcome. You can be assured that our team can provide a blood transfusion for your pet anytime he or she requires it through our emergency care. 

Our Emergency Vets Have the Tools and Experience to Provide Life-Saving Services

There are some protocols in place for a blood transfusion that require careful attention and consideration. For example, we must cross-match your pet with a blood donor, just like humans, to ensure a safe procedure. There may also be some tests involved to ensure your pet is in a healthy state to receive the blood transfusion without complications or risks to their health. 

Once all the tests are performed and the donor match is made, the procedure can begin. First, the blood is administered via an IV. Great care is taken to ensure the transfusion process goes according to procedures requirements, and we will constantly monitor your pet's condition for any developments. 

Contact Us for Emergency Vet Care in the Jackson Metro Area

At Oakdale Animal Hospital, our priority is your pet's health and well-being. That's why we take every measure to ensure blood transfusions and other emergency procedures have the best outcome to provide the life-saving services your pet needs. 

Pet owners living in and around the Jackson Metro area can count on our emergency vets to provide essential services when their pets need it most. If your pet requires immediate attention or a blood transfusion, you can count on us to be here to help. Call our office today to find out more about our services or to schedule your pet's next exam. 


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