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Behavioral Medicine

At Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon, our veterinarians care just as much about providing exceptional pet behavioral medicine as we care about addressing your pet's physical health needs. As with humans, your pet's mental health matters. When your pet's behavioral health conditions are addressed, he will feel better physically, too.

With an in-house pet pharmacy, we make it easy and painless to pick up your pet's behavioral health prescriptions and other necessary medicines. If your pet is struggling with behavioral health issues, our team is here to help you navigate this challenging time and get your pet back on track behaviorally. 

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What Is Pet Behavioral Medicine?

As the name implies, "pet behavioral medicine" is a side of veterinary medicine that tackles the behavioral health of animals. Some common examples of behavioral pet health issues include separation anxiety; "resource guarding" or impulse aggression control problems; inappropriate reactions to stimuli, people, and other pets; and obsessive behavior. Some pets may also experience anxiety related to specific situations like traveling, going to the vet for physical exams, grooming, or going to certain places.

If you notice your pet is exhibiting behavioral health issues like fear, anxiety, or aggression, it helps to visit a veterinarian who understands behavioral medicine like those in our office. When you come for an exam for a behavioral health issue in your pet, we'll rule out potential physical causes. If we can't find underlying physical sources, we'll explore potential pet behavioral medicine treatment options and send prescriptions to our in-house pet pharmacy.

The Benefits of Pet Behavioral Medicine

If you've never had your pet treated for pet behavioral conditions before, you may wonder what the perks of this kind of medicine could be. The main benefits of pet behavioral medicine are the positive impact it can have on your pet's overall well-being and happiness. Additionally, it can make you feel more confident and comfortable taking your pet to environments where he may have previously displayed anxiety or aggression.

If you are considering rehoming a pet due to behavioral issues, getting help for these problems through a qualified professional can make the difference between rehoming a pet and keeping the family together. Pet behavioral medicine can improve communication between you and your pet. It can also improve relationships between pets in the home so they can coexist on a more peaceful level. When you're at your wit's end with a pet's behavior, behavioral medicine for pets can give you hope that the situation can improve.

Our Veterinarians Can Help

To schedule an exam for your pet's behavioral health, call Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon at (601) 829-9949.


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