Is Your Dog In Need of Grooming Services? Let Oakdale Animal Hospital Help

Here at Oakdale Animal Hospital, we offer different grooming services to help ensure your pet is groomed and healthy. Read on to learn more about the grooming services we offer and how they can benefit your pet. 



We can bath your pet. This helps to remove dead skin cells, keep their fur or hair healthy and soft, and remove dirt, dander and smells from your pet. If your pet has been out rolling in the mud or is simply due to being cleaned, let us help. 

Nail Trimming

Your dog needs to have his nails trimmed. If the nails are not trimmed, they can become so long that they grow into the pad, causing pain and possible infection. Keeping them short also helps to prevent them from catching on anything they should not. 

Anal Gland Expression

If your dog's anal glands are not naturally releasing fluid, they may need to be manually expressed. This can be a messy and smelly process, and one many pet owners do not enjoy. We would be happy to complete this process for you, so you do not have to complete it yourself. 

Sanitary Cut

While we do not offer full haircuts or trimming services, we do offer a sanitary cut. This removes hair from around your pet's private area, to ensure urine and feces do not get stuck on the hair or fur. This keeps your pet cleaner and more sanitary. 

Ear Cleaning 

Lastly, we offer ear cleaning. Ear cleaning can help to remove any debris and residue from your pet's ears. This not only helps to ensure they can hear, but it helps to prevent infections and other problems that can occur if the ear gets dirty. 

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When your pet needs grooming services in the Flowood and Brandon Mississippi area, turn to a veterinarian you can trust. Contact us at Oakdale Animal Hospital to schedule your appointment today. 

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