Jennifer Corley - Primary Kennel Manager


My name is Jen Corley, aka “Sarge”. I have been working for vets since 1999. I worked my senior year at UWA for Dr. Vaughn at Livingston Animal Hospital in Livingston, AL. I also worked at the university’s library. I graduated with a pre-vet degree majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Art. I worked from May 2000 to August 2016 for Till-Newell Animal Hospital where I learned much from Drs. Newell, Donaldson, Newell,and McNeil, and Mr. Harvey. I started working at Oakdale in August of 2016.I moved from Marion, MS to Brandon. I have recently purchased a home here and plan to stay until retirement (I hope) Ever since I was very young I have had a passion for animals and children. At a vets office I can play with both! (I did dabble with the idea of becoming a pediatrician, but the pets called harder!) I have handled farm animals to house pets (owning multiple kinds over the years). My favorites are horses, dogs, and ferrets. My favorite things to do are draw horses, read books, and swim. I also love to watch movies and take long drives through the countryside, especially in other states. I hope to one day own a Harley Davidson and travel the states on it, going down the back roads. My favorite vacation spot is the mountains.