• Scott Swanner, CVT

    My name is Scott Swanner. I reside in Brandon, MS with my wife, Sherra Swanner, and kids Emma and Trace Alan. Veterinary medicine has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. After graduating high school at Woodland Hills in 1988, I went on to serve as a medic in the 134th combat support hospital. After serving in the military for six years, I earned two associate’s degrees from Hinds, one in applied science and one in veterinary technology. I was employed at North State Animal Hospital as a teenager, all throughout earning my degrees from May of 1985 until May 2005. I started at Oakdale in May 2005 because of the family friendly and Christian atmosphere. Besides my love for animals, I really appreciate the fact that Oakdale practices progressive medicine. When I am not at the clinic I enjoy hunting, cooking, working out, and spending time with my family. 

  • Katie Gable, CVT

    I have been blessed to be a part of this wonderful team since 2007. I came on board just a few years after finishing my Veterinary Technology degree in 2005. I grew up on a red dirt road in Laurel, Ms. I spent most of my spare time rescuing lizards trapped in windows, baby rabbits, and chickens that had escaped from the neighbor’s farm. We always had animals but most of them were “yard dogs and cats”. They were on their own. I had very few experiences in the vet clinic. I knew animals were my passion though.

    Fast forward to 2010 when I met my sweet thang, Jacob, another animal lover. We decided to do life
    together and got married in 2014. At the time I had 4 animals. He knew what he was getting into! God gave us a sweet little blue-eye baby boy in 2017 and we named him Gus. He is the light
    of my life and he too is destined to be an animal lover.

     Our other “kiddos” have fur.  Chitto is an orange tabby I bottle fed from about week #2 of working at Oakdale. He is one chubby hunk of love. Rebel is our
    guard dog. He weighs in at a whopping 4lbs. He is a yorkie, but we let him think he is a Rottweiler. I
    rescued him in 2012 as a tiny abandoned puppy. I have always loved yorkies.  In 2020 I rescued a mixed breed retriever off the side of the road. He’s a high energy, tail chasing, fun-loving bundle of long black fur so we named him Rowdy. It fits him well. I also adopted a yorkie named Roxy in 2020. She is the sweetest little diva & prances around our home in the most stylish couture.
    My journey at Oakdale has allowed me to grow tremendously in my veterinary knowledge. The doctors
    utilize us technicians and value our roles. That is the most important aspect of my job. It is evident
    my love for animals but I equally enjoy getting to know our clients. Over the years many of them have
    become like family to me. My work family and the clientele has been so supportive for me thru many of
    life’s important seasons. I am grateful to be a part of such a unique work environment. The veterinary world has changed so much since I was a kid. I am thankful to be a part of a progressive clinic like Oakdale. We are always improving and looking for ways to better serve our clients and care for their furry family members. I love the day-to-day satisfaction of knowing we help the helpless and most days bring a smile to someone’s face. Oakdale is the best clinic I have ever been a part of. Our animals need us and there is no better way to ensure their happy lives than to have trusted people to care for them. That is what I strive to do.

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