Grooming FAQs

Pet Grooming FAQs

Taking care of your pet and making sure that they are properly groomed can provide more benefits than you realize. There are a lot of benefits that your pet can reap if they are regularly groomed. However, it is always recommended that you seek help from a professional in order to give them the highest level of grooming care when they need it the most. Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon and Flowood, MS has some frequently asked questions and answers that will help you understand the importance of pet grooming and all that entails.


How Often Should You Groom My Pet?

While every pet is different, there is an average amount of visits that we recommend for your animal. A grooming session every 4-6 weeks is one of the best ways to keep your pet's coat clean and healthy. Your local veterinarian will also be able to provide more specific information on grooming depending on the specifics of your animals' breed.

How Long Does a Grooming Session Last?

Although every case is different, you can expect a minimum of an hour and a half in order to get your pet properly groomed. We do this to ensure that the process is not rushed and that our professional groomers have enough time to carefully groom your pet.

What Are The Benefits of Pet Grooming?

Regular grooming sessions can help your pet maintain a healthy coat of fur and it keeps their skin in good condition. Nail trimmings that are done often can help improve your animals' posture and ability to walk. Your pet will look clean and be ready to give you plenty of love once you pick them up from their grooming session. 

Can My Cat Get Groomed?

Absolutely. Though cats are not brought into the groomers as often, they too can reap the benefits of a clean coat. We work with your cat in order to help them relax so that they can be easier to manage during and after the grooming session.

Call Oakdale Animal Hospital Today!

Your veterinarian here at  Oakdale Animal Hospital in Brandon and Flowood, MS will be able to provide you with some insight on when you need to get your animal groomed depending on their specific needs such as weight and breed. Fortunately, we are always here for your pet whenever you need it the most and encourage you to contact us if you need anything for your furry friends. Give us a call today at (601) 829-9949 to schedule a grooming appointment with us so that your pet can look and feel their best once again. 

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